Physiotherapy works on the soft tissues such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the bones and joints.

We aim to restore you to your optimum level of health possible by restoring your range of motion, flexibility, strength, power and endurance.

We will take you from any stage of your injury, pain or loss of mobility and function and help restore you back to the best level of activity that we can.


We take a full medical history followed by your current level of function and health. We will perform a detailed physical examination to work out what is causing your problem.


We then work out the optimum treatment to get you well as quickly as possible.


You will be given a tailored exercise program specific to your needs to help you regain your function and speed up your recovery.


We will closely follow your progress to ensure that you are getting better in the quickest time frame possible and we will frequently adjust your home program to ensure it is maximising your recovery.