You do not need a Doctors' referral in order to make an appointment with a Physiotherapist

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Fitness Classes

Physio Matwork Class


This class is for people with back and neck pain, post surgical patients, and people who need to work on their core strength and stability following injury.

The exercises are remedial mathwork and range in level  depending on your ability.  The classes are small enough for your program to be tailored to your individual needs.


This is a group matwork class.  The classes we offer here go for a full hour and you will be instructed by an experienced Physiotherapist.

The benefits of this class are to increase your core strength and stability to help prevent further recurrences of neck and back pain. It also works on other joints in the body such as the shoulder and knees joints to increase strength and stability for work and sport.

Fitness/Circuit Class


This class is for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness, whether just starting an exercise program, or looking for another way to train.

It is a circuit class with eight stations. Each station goes for a two minute interval and is repeated twice.

The stations include treadmill, weights, balance board and stationary bike.

Whatever level of fitness you are, this is a class that you can take part in with confidence.

The benefits of this fitness class are to increase your cardiovascular fitness, your lower leg and upper body strength and endurance, and improve your balance. The importance of this becomes greater as we get older.

Stretch / Flexibility Class


This class goes for one hour and is great for people who want to work on restoring their range of motion and flexibility. It covers spinal stretches as well as shoulder, arm and leg flexibility especially targeting calves and hamstrings.

If you have found that your tight muscles are holding you back either at work, sport or with your hobbies this class would be great for you.

The health benefits of stretching are increasing muscle length, helping to decrease the risk of injury, decreasing tension around the joints for people with arthritic conditions, as well as aiding relaxation and better blood flow in the body which promotes healing.

Balance / Falls Prevention


This class is for people who feel like their balance is deteriorating or that they are at an increased risk of falling over. 

The class runs for approximately 45 minutes and incorporates a variety of gentle exercises which aid in balance and getting around with more confidence.

Balance can be improved with practise, it is not lost.

When we strengthen the lower legs, it aids our balance. Therefore the class focuses on lower body strength and endurance in a gentle manner and also does specific balance exercises which are effective if done regularly to reduce the risk of falling.

The benefits of this class are increased strength and endurance in the lower legs as well as improvement in confidence and balance.

Fitness Class Times


Tuesday                 Thursday

  7pm                      11am



Thursday               Saturday

  6pm                       10:00am