Fall Prevention Programs

As we get older, some of us find the day to day tasks of living become more difficult.  Our muscles get stiffer, our joints tighter and less flexible, and over time our balance can be affected.  Our balance class can help to keep you stronger and more confident in getting about your daily activities.


Our fall prevention program for home health is a weekly class which runs for about 50 minutes.  It comprises of a variety of exercises to keep you fitter, stronger and more flexible. Our balance class is a small class with people in the same condition as each other, all working towards the goal of being more able to keep doing the things they enjoy.


People who come to the fall prevention program for home health come because they want to:

  • Get more fit without going to a big gym

  • Stay more flexible for longer

  • Be confident when walking, both at home and when going out

  • Maintain general fitness in a relaxed and supportive environment


Our balance class includes activities like:

  • Walking machine and stationary bike

  • Various balance activities and exercises

  • Some simple weights to maintain arm strength

  • Strengthening exercises for the legs

  • Throwing and catching a ball to increase overall balance and reflexes


Studies have shown that increasing leg strength will help to improve a persons overall balance.  Our balance class has a strong emphasis on exercises to strengthen the leg muscles in order to improve our patients balance.


Our balance class does not require any kind of membership, you just pay for classes that you attend.  Our classes are held at the back of our Physio practice. Entry can be made at both the front and the back of the practice, with easy access.


Our fall prevention class runs on Wednesday afternoons from 12 midday.  You can contact us to find out more by calling us on 9875 3760 or emailing on info@wphphysio.com.au.

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