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Alicia Freeman

West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy

West Pennant Hills Physio provides individualised treatment for a host of conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Much of what people do these days can result in painful conditions. Physiotherapy is an effective, holistic approach to treatment that addresses a range of common issues. 
West Pennant Hills Physio has been providing treatment to the community since 1984. Physiotherapist Alicia Freeman has owned and run the practice since 1998, bringing more than a quarter of a century of clinical experience to the treatment centre. Alicia and the entire staff at WPH Physiotherapy implement a holistic approach to treatment that helps them reach optimal recovery faster.


Is West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy Right for You?

Many people believe that physiotherapy is primarily used to treat sports injuries. While it is an effective method of preventing and treating common sports injuries, it also aids in the recovery of many common conditions, including

Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who treat people from all manners of life. Their goal is to improve the person’s quality of life and help them achieve their optimal recovery. At West Pennant Hills Physio, we use a range of treatments to achieve your health and fitness goals. Some of our services include Physiotherapy and massage, classes such as fitness stretch and balance, mat work and much more. We’re conveniently located for you, just off Castle Hill Road, so if you’re in search of a physio near Castle Hill, we’re right around the corner.

West Pennant Hills Physio Takes an Individualised Approach to Treatment

Although many of the illnesses and injuries we treat are common, every patient is unique. It’s important to develop an individualised plan that addresses your specific needs. Every plan starts with a professional assessment. Understanding the cause of your pain allows the physiotherapist to determine which combination of treatment types will work for you.

Participating in sports puts you at a greater risk of injury. Physiotherapy can help you prevent injuries before they happen. You don’t have to be an athlete to get injured. The way you live, work, and your age may put you at risk of developing injuries that interfere with your quality of life. Health conditions and injury causing accidents also lead to symptoms of pain or cause secondary injuries. The physiotherapist will choose from a range of treatment types to give you the best and quickest outcome for your situation.

If you’re planning surgery, don’t wait to reach out to your West Pennant Hills Physiotherapist. We will begin your treatment prior to surgery and continue working with your specialist afterward to ensure you get an optimal result. Physio treatment can help you heal faster and enhance your recovery. Get back to the things that matter faster and without pain.


What to Expect at West Pennant Hills Physio

West Pennant Hills Physiotherapy is located on Castle Hill Road, being your go-to Hills District physio. Whether you’re looking for a physio around Beecroft, Epping, or Dural, WPH Physiotherapy is conveniently located for you. For some patients, mobility may be an issue, and there are occasions when it’s not possible for someone to get treatment at our location. At West Pennant Hills Physio, we offer home visit treatments and are able to organise, by appointment, a practitioner to come to you and provide you with the treatment you require. 

Once our physiotherapist develops a plan for you, you can begin treatment right away. Fitness class times are scheduled throughout the week during the morning and evening hours for your convenience. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to start improving your fitness. Contact us to book an appointment and start working towards your physical goals today!




We use HICAPS, and accept all private health insurance cards. 

Private health insurance patients will only need to pay a gap fee as determined by their insurer, after we process their card.  Medicare patients will have their claims submitted after providing their doctor's referral and EPC plan. Medicare patients will be eligible for a partial refund of the fully paid fee, deposited into their nominated cheque or savings account through their EFTPOS card. For more information, feel free to contact us for more information!

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